Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Have an "Instant Crush" on Julian Casablancas

Whoa, it has been way too long. I have been swamped at work lately! I'm losing my mind. The Strokes are the only thing to ease the pain sometimes.

Have y'all heard the album they released earlier this year? Very choice. I like every song on this album. Some of my favorites, however, include "One Way Trigger," "Partners in Crime," and "Happy Ending." Like I said though, I like every single song. Have a listen mates!

Basically, I think most of what Julian Casablancas (lead singer in The Strokes) does is pretty awesome. Have you heard his collaboration with Daft Punk in their latest album? Well my friends, it is worth every second to listen. I had this song on repeat for weeks when it first came out. In fact, I have learned how to play this song on the guitar. Very fun.

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